Mouselook - VR without the headset

VR already works within Zwift and has been demoed at Eurobike. I know that Zwift are not interested in persuing this until a sweatproof eSports VR headset comes along.
In the meantime and to utilise the VR view capability, I propose a VR first person camera view where you can look around utilising a virtual joystick, or swipe gestures on a virtual trackpad, within the mobile link app once connected in ride.
As you look around when you ‘let go’ the view could slowly and automatically return to the straight ahead view.
Cannot see why this could not be developed quite easily as the first steps have already been taken with the trackable remote camera view.

This would greatly add to the immersion as when riding IRL your view is never just fixed straight ahead. Being able to have a quick glance around will add to the interest and I’m sure those group riding would appreciate it too.

Agreed, the ability to look left-right would be nice…

While we are on the topic, may suggest an option for joystick control as well. Please.

I will be happy to mount my joystick on my bike. :slight_smile: