View FTP in companion app or online profile

I would love to be able to view my current ftp in my profile on the website or companion app not just in the game. Even a read only field would be nice.

This would be super helpful when trying to figure out which events and category I can join when I have forgotten my current ftp.

You can view your current race category for events that use ZwiftPower categories on the website. Click on Profile. It will also show your FTP.

You can view your current “zFTP” and race category for Category Enforcement events on the website, by going to My Feed → My Profile → More Info

These values may not be the same because they are calculated differently. The two category systems are still separate. (If you’re confused by that, you are not alone.)

Pretty sure there are plans to allow you to view you FTP, VO2 max, and some more data in your profile as part of a future companion app update.