Video Screenshots - Windows Release [July 2023]

Running an i5-6400 @ 2.7Ghz in Windows 10 on an SSD with 24GB of ram and a 8GB NVidia Geforce GTX 1070. It runs Zwift in Ultra settings with no glitches and has no issues on the very large group rides I’ve seen over the years.

Would be interested to see if it could handle video recording.

One way to estimate an answer would be to run your logs through, chop say 15 FPS off the worst parts, and think about if that would be OK. (I’m trying to make up a conservative number but I don’t really know what the result would be.) Of course there are other factors at work such as if you capped the frame rate so you can’t tell how much headroom exists above that limit.

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it’ll certainly handle OBS if zwift’s solution doesn’t work for you


@evan-zwift any news on a fix for the bug where the video recording is not functioning on a 2nd monitor if it is not ‘main’ in Windows? Thanks.

Hey @Sam_Crofts, not yet, sorry. Still on our list though, just had a few other items come up ahead of it that we’re still working through.

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I just posted in the 1.48 update thread but this is probably the place to ask: I’m running a Win 10, Dell I7-6700 workstation with a GTX1660 Super as a dedicated Zwift PC. It’s been rock solid for years and I’ve been looking forward to getting the video screenshot capability. Do I need to buy a new PC or is the functionality going to trickle down soon? I would be more than happy to provide beta testing, too…

I suspect you will need more CPU horesepower if the feature’s demands remain the same

And I was in Oregon last month looking at a Dell i5-13500 Inspiron for 600 bucks with no tax… Dammit…

It will work fine on your current setup. There’s a chance Zwift will trickle down the capability further to cover your processor but there’s no guarantees on that.

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that cpu will probably struggle, this feature is cpu heavy on windows pcs in its current state although it’s possible it will become much more optimised in the future, so who knows. i’m sure staff are working at it. but right now i have an i3-12100F and i have it turned off because it costs me 3-4fps to have it turned on

but you’ll be able to handle OBS very easily with your specs very minimal impact on performance if you want. I’m not sure if you can set it up to run like the zwift video screenshot feature but i’m sure it’s possible, if not then i imagine there is some kind of software out there that allows it, possibly even nvidia’s own software. the PS4 had this type of feature working very well, and that thing is a potato by modern standards


No, it wouldn’t ‘struggle’
You may get a little bit of stuttering when the video screenshot is taken but it’s minimal.

And a 3-4fps drop is hardly anything and when you’re talking about a system that can hold 60+ fps you won’t notice such a small drop.

If you can whilst in the middle of an activity then you’ve missed your calling.

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is this the old 30fps vs 60fps debate again or what. well sure brother, you probably won’t notice a slight fps hit if you are running a 144hz monitor w/ gsync or something but you will notice it on a regular 60hz tv. the point is that it’s a fun feature and i hope it really does get optimised so that almost everyone can enjoy it, but it’s still a work in progress for PC users and i don’t think the developers currently working on it will disagree with me there. it’s not a criticism, things just take time to get right.

it’s less convenient to use a dedicated streaming/recording platform to record your footage and you miss out on features like showing everyone on strava your sick watt bombs etc but for those who are missing out because the feature is not yet enabled for them and just want to record footage of their zwift riding for any reason, OBS is very light on cpu load which is why i’m recommending it


No it’s the 57fps v 60fps debate.

I use a regular TV and don’t notice anything different but then I’ll admit I’m no connoisseur of these things.

For sure the feature is creating unforeseen issues but that’s tending to be crashing upon saving etc…
And naturally it’s a work in progress but then everything on Zwift is, it’s constantly evolving with new features.

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Video capture for Windows 10, I7-6700 any time soon? This thing has been rock solid for a while and I’m surprised video hasn’t been rolled out to that level of processor.

It might get rolled down to 6th Gen if testing goes well. No guarantees though

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For what it is worth here is mine from this morning around watopia, first half video screenshots off, second half with them on.

definitely noticeably worse.
I always ride with them turned off as it is a feature that I don’t need anyway.

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I have not been able to get video screenshots working.

I have:

  • Windows Media installed,
  • Windows 11,
  • Core i5-12600KF - 16197GB,
  • GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • Enabled in settings

I can see the greyed-out icon in the in-game menu. Hover over it and the message is that “not available”.

Heh. How about Xeon CPU’s?

Are you running Zwift not-on-your-main-screen? I had that issue and switching my Zwift screen to “primary” solved it.

Just sharing; as I know this particular issue expands to some other issues folks here have run into.

There’s a fantastic [free] program for Windows on sourceforge called Monitor Profile Switcher; where you can set up monitors however you want and save them as a profile; and return to them at any point in time.

Absolutely fantastic if you’re like me and using several display setups.
(In my case I have a profile that splits up my triples on my desk, a projector for my wall, and for Zwift; that uses just my TV on the opposite side of my room, and a second for Zwift that adds a USB monitor as well)

Don’t have to fiddle with Window’s Display settings every time…
10/10 recommended.

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