Velotron Support

Any timeframe for adding Velotron support?  Considering it’s a premium level trainer I would suspect most folks with one would subscribe if it was supported.

With the weather cooling down now I would definitely subscribe if it had Velotron support.

There are a couple discussions on various forums about this. Basically, the Racermate API is 32-bit, closed source and Zwift is 64-bit and would prefer to have the source code. Racermate says they’ll get around to fixing their RM1 VT software and enhancing the API sooner or later…

The good news is that the Velotron was reverse engineered ~5 years ago and the resulting code controls the VT at the serial communication level so any device capable of RS-232 communication can control it (Mac, Windows, Linux, 32-bit, 64-bit, even embedded devices/microcontrollers).

I have a passing connection with someone who has done the work to reverse engineer the protocol.  He would expect some payment for his code, but if Zwift is interested in pursuing this I would be happy to put the parties in touch with each other.  

So, can we get some official comment on this?


Looks like there are several options to allow Velotron support.

Just to connect some dots on this, there is some comment from the RacerMate side on this:

There is some mention of a cross platform API, but also no mention of opening up on the protocol or the source.  It’s anybody’s guess when it will be possible to use the VT with Zwift.  My gut says that VT owners wouldn’t consider it a terrible limitation to only be able to use it on the Windows platform though.

Totally agree.  I’d say 100% of the current VT owners would be perfectly fine if it was only supported on Windows.  That is pretty much their current limitation with respect to VT support anyway.

Looks like someone has released source code for controlling the Velotron.  It was completely reverse engineered and doesn’t use any RacerMate code. 

So now we just need Zwift to support this.  C’mon, I really want to subscribe this year.

Saw this today about releasing and supporting 3rd party API for Velotron. Something to look into? 


Not quite sure why they seem to be ignoring this.   I’d sign up if they supported the Velotron.  As things currently stand, I’d rather use RM1 and ErgVideos with my Velotron than Zwift without my Velotron.