Velotron and Zwift - can it work?

Hi. I have Computrainers and they work great with Zwift. Probably not as well as the new smart trainers but OK. I also have a Velotron with a Dyna-Fit frame. I would love to use it with Zwift but was told it was a “closed system” and could not connect. Seemed strange as it uses almost the same software as the CT which connects easily. so my questions is: HAS ANYONE FOUND A WAY TO CONNECT A VELOTRON TO ZWIFT. I would love to find out how as the feel and accuracy of the Velotron is much superior to the CT and probably much closer to a new smart trainer. HELP!!!

Thanks. I am in the same boat as you with a Velotron. Please do update if you succeed to connect Velotron to Zwift. I am planning to try connect Velotron like a Computrainer and see if this will work. Cheers.