Velodrome minigames

What if there were velodrome team minigames. with matchmaking like other online games so for example you find a lobby of 8 and do different track events as a team and the whole thing takes maybe 20 minutes including a team pursuit, sprint and maybe a kerin ect. and points are added up at the end to determine the winning team

I was hoping that a 1-2km flat loop would be introduced at some point - as an organiser, I have tons of ideas for race formats. Having them automated by Zwift would make it even easier!

Personally think a side road taking you to a velodrome off Wattopia would be a nice idea. Easily accessible, and is just an addition to an existing map so should be easier to implement. As for different mini games and races etc think that could be done more through organised rides using a velodrome if one was in game and writing a whole load of extra features solely for it.