US Course

I love the outdoors and nature, so city courses like Richmond bore me.

I propose a tour of the US. Here’s what it would include:

Zwift Headquarters-beginning of course forward or reverse//Sequoia Forest//Yosemite Falls/Golden Gate Bridge/ Ocean Highway 101/Redwood Forest/Crater Lake/Arches National Park/Salt Flats/Old Faithful/Mt. Rushmore/ Lake Erie/Niagra Falls/Vermont with Fall Foilage/ Maine Lighthouse and Harbor/Cheasapeake Bridge/Smokey Mountains/Cape Canaveral/Florida Everglades/Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam/Rocky Mountain Pass/Sequoia Forest-repeats.

Obviously, I gave this some thought. I purposely avoided city scapes although a quick pass by the Statue of Liberty might squeeze in as long as we don’t have to go through the city.

You Know, there is a world outside of the USA!!!

Sorry to see that your comment has been voted down, but indeed, you are right and there really is A WHOLE LOT OF WORLD OUTSIDE THE USA!!!

Could we please be a bit more international. We have a bit of US, a bit of UK, maybe a bit of Italy, France, Germany, …China, …, elsewhere, …





Yes, how about…themes such as …wonders of the world…continents of the world?

Yes there is a whole lot to see in the world and it would be good do "remember where you are on the ride so you don’t always start over again and you start from where you last rode.  A challenge… Ride the seven continents… just a thought.