Urukazi Map Release [2022]

Maybe. I’m just fan viewing someone on my work laptop. Camera angle 1:

Yeah it like went in too close and got stuck there. Changing cameras made it swing around all over the place too. I ended up using 3.

What’s the story with the mech manufacturing plant?

I imagine all those giant mental hands and feet that the trains are carrying in Neokyo are related…

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There are trains and flatbeds trucks in Neokyo with mech parts on them. And there is a (torn off?) huge Monster hand in Makuri countryside below the temple…

…maybe we are going to see mechs and monsters fighting on or in the caldera of Mount Fuji?!

Feels like it needs some sort of narrative or conclusion.

Maybe it’s the Zwift boss.

Get to level 100 and face Mech Eric Min in the Gulag.


You need to update to the newest version.

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We habe the Pretzels and Four Horsemen all longer and at least equal elevation gain…

TBH, mentioning Teide was not full serious, but the others for sure.

My relationship with Zwift is a bit mixed. I really like it because I can right quite long distances with ending and starting a session.
But the lack of climbs and the gravel really gets sick of it. I’m also using Fulgaz and some other plattforms, but there I lack long rides or ride down the hill I just climbed.

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You can ride Ventoux whenever you want.

Nope, the XML-Hack does not work on AppleTV

Select a workout, then select Ven-Top and quit the workout once in game


New roads look great, really nice job Zwift HQ!

I just wish there were a few Mechs walking around like the dinosaurs in Titans Grove.

Yes, the factory is assembling the Gigantro parts coming in from Neokyo. Stay tuned😉


Check the wall posters in the Neokyo arcade. The clue is there about what the factory is assembling - Gigantro vs Kaiju/Gojira(?!) :wink:


As predicted a year ago!

I’ve ridden a lot of Fulgaz - and while its fun for sightseeing, the poor video quality - even at 4k, even on a MacPro, even downloaded to RAID drives - drives me nuts. I am so thankful that Zwift. Just. Works.


I’ve got a video up now with my thoughts, an overview, what I like, what I dislike, and some speculation of what’s to come! Feel free to check it out: Zwift Urukazi // Details, Thoughts, What's Next, and More - YouTube

Note: Urukazi looks great without the HUD in 1st person view!


Like ya work Oliver.

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I can’t figure :thinking:… which new routes to ride to cover all the new roads in Urukazi ?c

Maybe which new routes to ride to cover the new roads in Urukazi in both directions ?