Uran Silent

I like that I can participant in virtual events in Zwift that I wouldn’t be able to in real life such as this morning’s El Giro de Rigo.

It is disappointing when a special guest like Rigoberto Urán doesn’t message anything during an event - no hello, no thank you, just silence.

I feel Zwift should provide some coaching and nudging to avoid silent special guests.

I guess the ride was to hard on him, and he wasn’t able to type on the keyboard :rofl:
Poor guy :woozy_face:
But then again, can we be sure that it is the riders themselves that write the comments? I have seen comments from riders, that clearly is not written by them, as they, at the same time, was on webcam clearly not writing on keyboards or smartphones :weary:

Was he the “official” group leader? If not, I believe there is also a distance factor. I don’t know for sure how this event was set up, but, in other group rides, you can only see messages from riders “near” you. If he was in the ride I did, I’m sure that would have only been for about 30 seconds at the start for myself :wink: