Upload previously saved rides to My Zwift and Strava

The program saves all rides, even those that fail to upload at the end of a session due to crashes or network issues, but, although one can still manually upload it to Strava, it won’t go to My Zwift.

So how about a Queue system that will upload rides that previously failed?

I realize Zwift also saves a lot of “rides” with 0 actual data in them, so it would be best to avoid putting those in the Queue.




Hi Andrew,

This feature is planned for a future date. :slight_smile:

Honestly, it’s hard to want to invest in program that crashes and doesn’t save rides. Thank heavens I found the fit files so I can keep track of rides via Strava, but still… I’ve checked all computer requirements and updated where I had to, but my husbands last 3 rides (2+ hours) all failed to save on Zwift. Everything he earned in those 6 hours, gone. Tonight, mine failed. All that hard work for nothing, and it cannot even be uploaded back into the program :expressionless:  Very disheartening.  I hope the plan to implement is sooner rather than later.

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