Uphill/Downhill Speed Me vs Group

Dear all,

Beginning this week I rode my first event.
What was irritating me was the difference in speed between me en the group while going uphill and downhill.
Uphill It was very easy for me to cycle out front and leaving the group (to easy) on the other side ones the gradient was going negative the group caught up with me very easy although I was padeling like hell.
Anyone familiar with this phenomenon ?

My setup is a Wahoo Kick Core communicating through bluetooth with my windows laptop.

I assume you are of a very light weight, am I right?

That’s nothing extraordinnary. Light riders will climb very easily, but then, downhill, it will be nightmare for them. Going down with heavy riders, in a pack using the draft of the pack, you could push all you want, you will get caught and you will get dropped. That’s a fact, so what you can do is try to stick as close as possible to the middle of the pack and ignore the leader’s calls during descent to push what you can to stay as long as possible mid pack. The leader will do his best to keep the group together and regroup everyone afterwards :slight_smile:

In your first ever Zwift race you have probably seen almost all of what is wrong with Zwift racing.

Uphill whilst you were giving it your all others were possibly (not everyone) trying to keep below 2.5-2.7wkg so they could stay in category D.

They knew on the downhill that Zwift group descending speeds are so high they would easily sweep you up and possibly drop you.

At the end of your race you finished a commendable 15th and probably gave it your all.

You are now classified as Category C in ZwiftPower and probably also in Category Enforcement governed races.

The 14 ZwiftPower racers finishing ahead of you all remain as category D. (On ZwiftPower)

Keep racing, keep getting better, keep moving up in category.

Spend some time reading these Forum threads, try the RACING thread. You will get a much better insight into what is currently happening and more importantly where hopefully Zwift is looking to improve the racing experience.

Edit: But there is still a lot to love about racing.

Race On.

The speed of the group vs. speed of an individual is a problem Zwift have been working on for a long time.
In some ways, the old “Sticky Draft” was better than what we have now, but it had a lot of its own problems, and you were always in danger of getting knocked off your group when you passed slower riders.

Zwift has very recently started some trials of a new “Pack Dynamics 4.0” that is supposed to reduce the speed of the group so that it isn’t faster than the person on the front of that group.
Pack Dynamics 3.0 was the improvement that got rid of the sticky draft. This is the first major change in a while.

Thank you so much for taking your time to answer my topic. :+1:
For a moment I was afraid that something was wrong with my hardware or settings of it.
But it seems to be a common “issue”.
Also thank you for your advices I will go work with it. :cold_sweat:

I’m sure you were caught on the descent due to downhill speeds of groups but as you also say you were pedalling like hell you might want to check the link below on Trainer Difficulty settings. This is a section which is possibly most relevant:

“#### I’m spinning out on descents. Can Trainer Difficulty help me here?

One common complaint from smart trainer owners is that they get dropped by other riders on downhills. Especially if you’re running Trainer Difficulty at 75% or more, steep gradients simply won’t offer the resistance needed to put power into the pedals. It’s the same outside!

The problem comes when you’re racing against others who have their Trainer Difficulty set low, or perhaps are riding dumb trainers with a constant resistance. These riders will have the resistance needed to go hard on the descents, while you’re spinning out.

Trainer Difficulty can help here. Try lowering it to 25-40% when racing. This will make hills seem less steep, and allow you to put more power into the downhills. Give it a try and tweak the setting until it feels good to you.”