Updates need too much space (Samsung A7)

Does anyone else have problems with updates on the A7 (or anything else - don’t see why this would be specific to any particular model of tablet)? I’m still using it quite successfully, but Zwift updates are demanding on space. I have to clear cache for all apps, and move some apps temporarily to the SD card, in order to free up space. Now I’m finding that the tablet claims that there isn’t space on the card, which is ridiculous - I’m only using 10% of the available capacity. That’s not a Zwift problem, but it scuppers my workarounds to free up space. I had to uninstall and reinstall Zwift instead.

Couldn’t updates make better use of the SD card for temporary files etc.?

I’ve cleared unused apps and done all the obvious stuff. But few apps are really good at using the card for data files, and I have a number of reader and related apps, some specialised. So the apps I really use take up significant space, and there really isn’t enough available for Zwift to demand space for the app plus a lot more for the update, all in internal storage. The result is that I need to set aside 30 minutes at least every time there’s an update. The current one has taken me 24 hours from when I started to get problems to when I finally solved it. I dread updates!

i had this regularly on my Samsung Tab A7 tablet. Used to have to uninstall other apps, update Zwift then install apps again.

Ended up doing a factory reset and by the time I’d installed everything again i had so much more space. Clearly over time it gets filled.

Apps that can be heavy on memory are eBay, Aliexpress & Outlook.

In reality 32Gb of system storage just isn’t enough these days and any future purchases I’ll make sure 64gb is an absolute minimum.