Update Zwift Dashboard screen

I would love for zwift to update the dashboard to load without having to load the zwift game and needing to skip over the connection to bike part. Many times I just want to check things out and not ride. If the dashboard had widgets that were selectable. Here is a mockup of what I think the new dashboard could look like.

Some widgets could us ai to detect similar races or events or make recommendations for you. Perhaps even recommend purchases for the garage, or highlight new items added.

You can skip the connection to bike part, just click on skip

Thanks Martin for taking a look. This is what I am suggesting we avoid.
It takes a long time for the main screen to load and then you have to click on SKIP. The dashboard I am proposing would be before that and not need this screen.

Can you post the specs of whatever device you are using for Zwift? This screen, for me, loads very quickly.

That was on my Samsung Galaxy fold Z2 and opened almost imediately