Update - requirements changed?

I have been happily running Zwift on a 2014 Macbook with 4gb ram and an intel 5000 graphics card, but after having a few months off I tried it again today and when in the titans grove section it became very jittery (Newbury velo race). Oddly it was only really bad in this section. It was ok elsewhere, only jittery at times.
I tried turning the graphics down to low, but that didn’t help.

Has something changed with the requirements recently? I note the minimum now says 8gb ram.

Seems odd that it was only bad in the titans grove section though.


Probably this - Flickering graphics caused by launcher version or integrated GPU?

Minimum for RAM has said 8GB for quite a while, it’ll actually run fine on a lot less but with turd texture quality.

I’m unsure if the performance issues on integrated graphics are related to the issues I’ve seen with a dedicated graphics card. I suspect not tbh.

Is it the new update as per your post?
I am currently looking at new macbooks!

There are a few different things going on. The update the other day is the first time to my knowledge that Zwift have also enforced a launcher update on us. The newer launchers cause issues on my Windows PC with GTX 1660 (and every other Zwift PC I’ve built since December), I can prove this and rolling back to the previous version resolves it.

There are also a load of people with integrated graphics saying they’re seeing performance issues since the other day, but from what I can tell rolling the launcher back does NOT resolve it. This is on Windows, anyway. Can’t say for Mac I’m afraid.

So at this point I don’t think the two are related. Though it could still be the same fundamental problem in the background of course.

Macbook pro user with 16gb ram and the graphics are jittery since the update. Did road to sky earlier today and it was awful. I’m not the only mac user with this issue since the update.


Seems like the same issue I’ve opened a thread on here :cry:

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Running on a Mac M1 Mini and no graphics problems that I have noticed.

Hi David,
What is that Mac mini like? Thinking of getting one to replace the ageing iMac


I am very happy with mine. It’s extremely fast, portable and problem free. If Apple produces one with the M1X chip as rumors have it, I will purchase a second. Right now I shuttle mine back and forth from the pain cave to my easy chair set up. I run the 24" LG made for Mac monitor on a strategically placed coffee table and hold the bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad on a lap desk. I like this setup so much better than a notebook. In the pain cave it runs out to a LG 65" OLED.

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