Unstable resistance with new Wahoo KICKR CORE

I purchased a new Wahoo CORE in Feb 2024. I fully set it up with Wahoo app on my iPhone and ran several spin down tests after updating to latest firmware v1.3.17. I then fully closed the Wahoo app, turned off Bluetooth on my IPhone, unplugged Wahoo . I then updated Zwift to v 1.58 on my iPad and turned off all other nearby Bluetooth devices. After plugging Wahoo back in and opening Zwift all the options appear to connect new Wahoo to Zwift (cadence, power and resistance). These all connect perfectly. When I try to ride in SIM mode flat road with pacer I constantly get random resistance within every pedal stroke. Since I think it might be trying to auto calibrate I keep pedaling and it never stops changing. Tried different gears and it still does it. Stop the ride, restart the ride and still random resistance. Thinking it is an issue with new trainer shut down Zwift and go back to iPhone Wahoo app in constant power mode and it runs perfectly. Rinse and repeat and Zwift still doesn’t work.

I finally got Zwift to work by creating a new account on Zwift using the same iPad that was not working. So I go back to my original account with all my Level ups and it still has the same problem. While I am happy that I can use my new Wahoo on Zwift I am disappointed that I have to start all over with a new account. Please Help.

Welcome to Forums @David_Barton2 It’s Juan here a Zwift colleague. Many thanks to share your concern in this space. I appreciate the detailed explanation. This is absolutely a odd behavior in that the resistance works fine in one profile and not in the other one.

I took a look at your account attached to the email address you are writing for, looking for the most common causes. The Bluetooth signal strength is OK, and there are no Bluetooth disruptions.

I’d like to suggest you contact us at zwift.com/contact-us. It would be great if you included the other account to see what’s different from each other. The more details you include, the best will be the assistance we can provide.

You can add if you experience the issue on an specific route, as well as attach a short video while you are experiencing the issue.