Unnecessary 8% grade

(Chris Wilkerson) #1

At approximately mile 5.3 there is a place in the road where the road dips and then ramps up to about an 8% grade. It seems really out of place, doesn’t add anything to the course, and is a momentum/pace killer. When riding the Kickr, I can carry a fair bit of speed into this section, but I have to spin like a maniac for it to not bring me to a standstill. In addition, I think because this section is so short the Kickr doesn’t adjust tension quickly enough and maintains tension well into the flat section just after this.

Maybe the road crew can come out and flatten this just a bit? I don’t mind a good tough climb, but this doesn’t seem realistic.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

I think Wahoo will come up with an upgrade to the firmware to sort out the small issues it has in working with courses like Watopia. I actually like the ‘rollers’ part of the course and can be a good time to do a quick attack on a race event so close to the line.

(Chris Wilkerson) #3

Correction: it’s closer to the 4.2 mile mark, and one side (depending on direction) hits -12% and then right into a +9.5%. I like rollers as much as the next guy, but this is more like hitting a half-pipe in the middle of the road.