Unlocking roads

This has probably been asked many times but I’m still surprised.

I’m fairly new. However two or three weeks ago, I was riding in NYC. I was going for the biggest loop, can’t remember the name.
As I went through the start finish, it unlocked Knickerbocker automatically even though it wasn’t the chosen map… Fair enough, I did the whole thing.

Now I have found out that there are some short roads that are included into larger loops that won’t unlock.

PRL Half doesn’t unlock if you go for PRL Full.


If you mean getting a route badge by “unlock”, then this is how it has been all along. You will only get the badge for the route you selected at startup. Notice that you will not get a badge for a route if you “freeride” and make all the correct turns manually.
PS. You will not actually cover the entire PRL Half if you do the PRL Full.

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