Unlocked all power achievements with almost no power output

Yesterday I did my 2nd ride with Zwift and my FTP test, with a Kickr. But I noticed a strange things happening:

At the beginning of the workout, the wattage numbers in Zwift UI were showing very little values (like 20-40) while I started pedaling to reach the 80W of the first part of the warmup fro the FTP, but Zwift told I unlocked all the possible “power achievements”, from 600W to 1200W.

I guess this is a bug? Is this the right way to report them?

I had the same thing happen a couple of days ago.

The same here today, otherwise my Elite RealTour B+ works just fine (even after this strange beginning). Nothing in <user>\Documents\Zwift\Logs …

This was a known bug and has been fixed in the second-to-latest update (so it was claimed), where you’d fire off like a rocket after pairing your gear, when you hadn’t actually applied any (or very little) power. 

“Fix for occaisional high watt “spike” immediately after pairing a power meter or smart trainer”

it’s still there - even in 1.0.8743