Units for weight

(Richard Grieve) #1

What are the units for weight? Pounds or kilograms (or maybe stone:)? I can see that height is CM, but there is no unit shown for weight, and it isn’t clear if that field is affected by metric/imperial setting (I sort of hope not; while I prefer to ride in kilometers and climb in meters, and even generate power in W/Kg, I weigh in pounds and measure height in feet’inches")…

(Konstantin Papushin) #2

I think there is a little bug on the profile editing screen (which I can’t reproduce anymore). If you’re using start with imperial system you have only one field for height which (if you stay there long enough) will say FT. I had to switch to metric system and there you use cms and kgs (again if you put your cursor in the field and wait like 5 seconds it will tell you what unit you’re supposed to use). For imperial it’s feet/inches and pounds

(Percy Zahl) #3

I found it blindly matches your profile setting either metric (cm/kg) or imperial (in/lb)