all imperial units

(Mark „Tsu“ Mark (D)) #1

I can switch from metric to imperial, but the latter does not have all units.

Please use all imperial units if set to imperial, or create a third option full imperial.

  • For example, don’t use kg but our unit _ stone _ (st).
  • It’s _ W/st _ then.
  • Height not in cm please, use _ chain/foot _ or, if you must, foot/inch.
  • It’s not rounds, please use the word _ lap _ or _ laps _. Thanks!

Ideally you’d add an tooltip to lengths indicating that it’s imperial miles (1.6km), and not German miles (7.5km). It’s kind of ambiguous as it is.

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #2

If you want ALL imperial units, then surely you can’t use “watt” either. You would need to convert to horsepower (1HP = 746W) or foot-pound per minute. Now all you need to do is convince all the manufacturers of power meters to send imperial data to Zwift.

Good luck with determining your HP/st or ft-lb/min/st

Edit: Sorry, but I’m not sure of your weight or power abilities, so I have put together the following handy look-up table for you:

1W/kg = 0.008515883333622777 bhp/st
2W/kg = 0.017031766667245554 bhp/st
3W/kg = 0.02554765000086833 bhp/st
4W/kg = 0.03406353333449111 bhp/st
5W/kg = 0.042579416668113886 bhp/st
6W/kg = 0.05109530000173666 bhp/st
7W/kg = 0.05961118333535944 bhp/st