Understanding Rankings

Good evening all
Recently logged new in Zwift power and it has caught up and loaded my last few years of Zwifting last 12mths of started racing properly in Zwift racing and now finally last 6mths mad some good forward progress.
Anyway it has listed some rankings in profile which to be honest makes absolutely no sense whatsoever so ever complete gobbledygook, looked through nothing in rankings of me?
Overall Category - 258.471st
By Age category - 129.045th
By Weight category - 140.373th

Seemed to be based on 600pts per recent races again absolute gobbledygook.

So you see complete and utterly impossible to make any sense and can’t see myself anywhere?
Can’t anyone explain how you read rankings or what those figures mean.


You have no races listed under your profile so you effectively have no race ranking yet. You indicated you just signed up for ZP - ZP will only look and rank you for events from when you signed up, it will not look back at your entire history.

The FAQ for ranking is fairly thorough - go to ZP > Ranking > Teams > FAQ

Ignore these until you get races showing up with ranking points.

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Thought might be the case, can’t pick past stuff as just signed up (about 3 days ago Zwift power, rest of Zwifting 3yrs now, races 12mths, ex XC racer 1991-2022 most of my years - dabbled in road racing 1990’s to compliment XC training back then).
I have been ill Covid this week but regular race or two per week before this.
What really confused me was that it has picked up and has added all my past activities (as Strava now linked/Zwift data) into my profile feed (don’t think something anyone can see but me?) including all past races (with complete data,etc) so had assumed it was picking up something to do with that.

So at what point do rankings/etc come in? Race specific or any you? I have not got myself involved in any race league’s or series just randomly pick races between 15-30miles varied routes (do Ok top quarter finish in most not mega hilly under 25mile distance races - struggle to stay up from 30+ miles in C).

What do those random figures mean at all???


Fit files listed in Profile Activities sections are simply that, fit files and no analysis has been performed on them.

Generally any race event that you do will appear under your profile tab. Group rides and group workouts will also appear there but only races should be subject to Ranking points. When you do one-off races like the 3R and Evo races you have re3cently done, these will appear and will be subject to ranking. You can involve yourself with series as well and they generally will attract ranking points (some points based races do funny things with ranking points).

Ranking processing seems to be done daily so dont expect ranking results to appear immediately.

Those random figures will be more meaningful once you have a valid ranking. Here’s mine …


My 420.83 points determine where I fit in each of those categories within all of Zwiftpower. Because I’m Fijian and use Fijian flag, I happen to be ranked no.1 Fijian, for example. Probably only 10 Fijians on ZP so meaningless really but you can see how these figures are used once you have valid data.

Have a look at anyone’s profile (click here for mine for example) and you will see columns at the right that show the events where ranking points were available and whether I earned any new points.

ZP Ranking is definitely a bit of a challenge to understand initially. But go and do a race and see how you get on.

600pts is the base ranking. Everyone starts at 600pts and as you beat other people your points will decrease (it is the average of your 5 best race results in the last 90 days).

258,471st, 129,045th and 140,373rd are your rankings out of all the riders in those categories. In other words, there are 258,470 people who have a better (ie lower) race ranking than you in your overall category.

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if you go to zwiftpower, under the rankings > individual tab, there is actually a rather in-depth FAQ page explaining the system hidden away in the header. but ■■■■ if i can be bothered deciphering it

there is also a separate “zpoints” ranking system which is a number representing an aggregate of your race ranking, your 5 (or 6, cant remember) best segment times across all courses (must be performed during a group ride or race), and your power figures in raw watts and w/kg.