Unable to access settings

(Nick Price) #1

Any reason why I am unable to access my profile via settings and set up sync with Strava etc? The only tab that is accessible is Billing. I’ve cleared the cache and tried access via Chrome, Safari and IE but no luck. Fwiw I’m on my free trial for a few days more

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Nick are you still unable to access your profile via settings on my.zwift.com?

(Pieter Ryckoort) #3

Hi !
Same problem over here, still no acces

(Nick Price) #4

Unfortunately still no access and it appears others are having the same issue

(Nick Price) #5

Yep… Still unable to access

(J Hodges [KRT]) #6

Confirming this bug. There is a workaround. Once you’ve clicked the non-functioning page, hit refresh. It appears the ajax load is failing, but a direct load is fine.

(Pieter Ryckoort) #7

Perfect ! Thx !