ultra high wattage on elite volano

I have an Elite Volano, (small version of Turbo Muin) it’s came with misuro B+ integrated, happens that when I start to ride the wattage and speed goes to high, the power goes up to 1200W… how can I set it?

Hi Roberto,

I have seen your previous post. I didn’t understand you but this post makes more sense.

Make sure your ANT+ dongle is close to your trainer.

Here is an interesting post about your setup with comparable issues:



Hi Bastiaan, 

Thanks for your response, my ANT dongle is real close to the trainer, right under it.

maybe is  because I’m using a Suunto ANT dongle? I’ve read that this dongle is ANT and not ANT+, can be this a cause?

Other thing is that my trainer doesn’t appear in the trainer list, I have a Elite Volano B+ (with misuro B+ integrated).


Your Suunto ANT might be the problem indeed:


Try to get a new one which supports the ANT+ protocol.

Ok Bastiaan, I’ll do it.

but and regarding my type of trainer, Elite Volano, not in the list?

there is acctualy on the list some equivalent trainer that I should choose? instead of my one?

have you this information?





I have the same trainer, what trainer did you select in the end for it to work?