Uber Pretzel Bike/Wheels Advice

Any thoughts on which bike and wheels to choose for Saturday’s group ride Uber Pretzel?

I’m foolishly thinking of doing it…

Tron. Lacking that, the Tarmac Pro with the DT wheels wouldn’t be a bad choice.

I did bike changes.
Tron for most of it.
MTB for the Jungle.
Tarmac Pro with Milestones for the Alpe.

Thanks Mark and Dan,
Tron and/or bike changes sound reasonable. Unfortunately it turns out l can’t do it tomorrow, too much to do to be on the bike for six hours. Plus with the way group rides have been going lately, I am worried that with over 5,000 people signed up, application crashes and tech problems may occur. I’d be very salty if I did all that riding and didn’t get credit. Will try it soon on my own. Thanks again.

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Best of luck to you when you do ride it.
Post back what bike choices you made.

Dan’s choices are perfect. Except I don’t have the frickin’ Milestones. And got another pair of gloves or something equally useless on The Wheel of Fortune at the top… :unamused:

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