U-Turn glitch when passing finish line.

(Brett Martin) #1

Discovered a glitch in the lap times when I was using the U-turn feature. I was riding the reverse lap when I did a U-turn from the start of the climb at Hanks garage and when I was nearly at the finish line my lap timing for the orange Jersey showed up and it was counting 13min and change. I’m not that fast to do a lap as my PB in either direction is about 16min.

I U-turned before crossing the finish line so as to not give me a distorted PB. I wasn’t doing full laps I was just doing a pancake flat recovery session turning at the start of each climb, or so I was until this glitch came up. 

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Brett, thanks for the bug report.  Our latest update (which has now been released) should take care of that issue as we found the same thing not too long ago.  Thanks for taking the time to mention the issue.

(Brett Martin) #3

Cool Thanks for the heads up on the Update before tonights ride.

(Hayden Russell) #4

Hi There,

I had a similar issue 2 days ago but on the KOM segment.

I started climbing the KOM segment, and performed a U-turn half way up. When I crossed the line at the bottom it recorded a time, a fast one, the time stayed on the screen for the remainder of my ride. Event after passing the start/finish banner twice