Bug with lap timer in Harrogate

I was cycling the Harrogate “Rotal Pump Room 8” route yesterday, and had a bug with the lap timer. The route starts in reverse, taking a short loop around past the sprint, before coming back on to the main forward UCI loop. However, once you have done the majority of the forward loop, just at the last junction, the route joins back up on to the reverse loop to complete the course, and doesn’t take you up back up the finish straight to finish the official UCI lap. This is where the bug came in.

As soon as I started up the reverse KOM after the junction, I got a countdown and timer, as well as the usual time and position comparison, for the UCI forward lap. It told me I have about 8km to go (the distance around the larger part of the loop), and the predicted time was going haywire. It kept getting longer and longer as I went further away from the finish in the opposite direction (even though the distance was decreasing as I got nearer to the finish in the reverse direction). Once I got past the half way point around the reverse loop, the predicted time suddenly started decreasing. Eventually I finished the course, and got a time for the UCI forward lap, even though I never actually did a complete forward lap, but rather a portion of it, finished by a reverse.

Edit: FWIW, running on Windows 10

The same problem on iPad.