Two features...

(Tim Heffner (S9R p/b Vittoria)) #1

Did my first group ride today, and it was a fun experience.  However, it was difficult to follow my avatar at times in the large group.  Any thought of adding an aura to ones own avatar when in a group of 5 or more? I don’t think another sign above my avatars head would help; it would just get lost with the others.  It would also be good to know where the back of the group is somehow.  Maybe a small rear view window?  

Also, it would be nice for registered user to be able to send texts to an individual rider from the smartphone app when not riding in Zwift.  Put it right next to the “ride on” button.

Great work so far! 


(K.C. Race3R) #2

I agree.  Especially if you are not in distinctive kit, it is very hard to tell which rider I am … Having a toggle-able glowing on my own avatar would be a real help …

(Eric Denning [ODZ]) #3

Agree… I feel like this is much worse lately with the avatar changes they’ve made.  If you’re really humming along, your own avatar moves up so far now that it’s way too small and blends into the pack even more.

(K.C. Race3R) #4

I agree!   This change is a BAD ONE.  Please give us back our old self view. Thanks. #zwiftΔriding #rideon