Group ride - how to find myself in a mob?

I’ve recently tried two group rides {DIRT and REVO) where everyone has the same outfit (excluding helmet). When I’m within a mob I have difficulty determining where I’m at since everyone looks the same. I’ve tried different views but this doesn’t seem to help. My best solution has been to remove my helmet and adopt red spikey hair. However, this only partially works since the red hair isn’t really bright enough. (I’m currently at level 19 so can’t upgrade my helmet, if that would help my visibility.)

(When I’m riding alone I wear a yellow-black chevron jersey so that I can find myself in a mob. However, I haven’t found a way to do this in the group rides.)

Thanks for any suggestions.
Don C.

You’re always in the centre of the screen, and in a group you’ll be the only person shown “sitting up” in the draft. (Others are drafting, but the animation only shows you doing it.)

Of course, even though you know you’re in the centre of the screen, I agree it can be difficult to spot yourself in a pack. One trick is to put something on the monitor/TV that shows the centre point.


Something that Zwift could add as an option might be to add a “crosshair” or indicator to the game.

Something like this:

Another alternative would be to add an outline to your rider:

All optionally, of course. Preferably with a choice of colour.

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Your screens show a group with different jerseys which would be helpful. However, in my two group rides everyone had the same jersey so everyone tended to blend together. (I don’t know if the unicolor jersey is a Zwift requirement or one that is imposed by the ride leader. For rides where only the group is shown (no outside riders), I don’t know why everyone needs the same jersey since the only people who are visible to the group are those who are actually in the group.)

In my REVO ride yesterday I don’t recall that I was the only one who was sitting up in the mob but I’ll look for this on my next group ride.

In my ride yesterday I moved laterally across the screen but perhaps I was always vertically in the center of the screen. I’ll try your suggestion with the marker although I suspect that I’ll find this annoying. Is there a particular view that you prefer?

The ride event organizer have the option to select a specific kit to ware in the event. We do that for brand identity.

As Daren pointed out you are always on the same spot on the screen, so if you see the riders moving back then you know you are moving forward in the group and if they are moving forward then you are dropping back in the group.

After some time on Zwift you will just know which rider is yours.

Also you should see that yellow banner in a group ride, if the banner get smaller you need to increase speed to catch up.

Yeah, that was just an image I grabbed to illustrate my idea. Here’s one with most people in the same jersey:

You can see I’m in the centre of the screen, and am sitting up.

It’s much harder to see in a moving group when people are swarming around though…

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Gerrie –

In yesterday’s REVO ride, the ride leader messaged that the ride fence was up. I was near the front of the group and couldn’t see it so I assumed it was behind me. I didn’t want to violate the fence so I dropped back until I was actually off of the group but never did find the fence . At that point I couldn’t catch up (due to sprints) and finally just exited the group.

I know there have been some problems with the fence but I’m not sure what to do in this circumstance – just keep riding and hope that I’m not violating the fence?

If you are in front of the fence you will get a 60 second count down timer, so you have time to drop back. If you did not see the fence or the ride leader or the count down timer then you were far off the back.

It will look like this.

But be careful; if you’re clicking on other people in the group to give them Ride Ons, you won’t see any warnings, and won’t know if you’re dropping off the back. You’ll just get kicked from the group and wonder why. Happened to me. =)


If you put down some power for a second your rider will stand up and you can find them easily!

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It has to be twice FTP these days, so it’s possibly not a trivial effort just to try and work out where you are in the group! :smiley:

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I agree with Gerrie - it just becomes 2nd nature after a while.

I’m new to Zwift and have been having the same issue on group rides, maybe over time I’ll be able to find avatar in the group. However, having said that I was thinking during a group ride where I had lost myself that it would be nice to have a hot key that allows you to turn on a halo around your avatar (not like an angel halo - that would just be weird) that only you can see to make it easier to find your avatar in the mass of riders who all look the same - maybe use the ‘F’ key for ‘Find Me’ since that key seems to be available. This could either be a toggle that turns the halo on or off, or it could just flash the halo up for a couple of seconds. As an interim solution I’m thinking of changing my avatar to be bald since I haven’t seen many baldies on the group rides.

With time you’ll collect plenty of cycling caps. Those are my way of identifying me :slight_smile:

I’ve been riding on Zwift since 2015 and still struggle to pick myself out sometimes.


even in your all pink outfit?

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Hah! :stuck_out_tongue: Many, of not most, group rides and races force people into the same jersey. :smiley:

I do rock the Level 20 kit though, and I love my Giro cap. You can see me wearing it here:

This hair style is one of the easiest to spot ones I think:

I have had this problem where I click on people in groups then have a hard time finding my own rider on the right hand screen. Is there a quick way to get back to following yourself after clicking another rider?

Thank you.

Yes, you should see an orange button in the bottom left:



Thank you.

You are the King of the Screenshot Daren.


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