Two display related questions

Hi all,

I have two display related questions to which I cannot find an obvious answer so here they are:

During the last two-three rides I have done I noticed that there is a wobble on the screen when going over uneven surfaces (dirt tracks, wooden bridges, cobbles, etc.), I presume to imitate the vibration that occurs when riding over such surfaces. Having not seen this before I assume that it appeared in a recent update? I personally really dislike it and I was hoping that there is a way to turn it off but I cannot find anything in settings. Any ideas?

My second question relates to the quality of the image whilst riding on the desert flats today. It went from hazy to literally not being able to make out the riders I was with, or any of the surrounding features. It almost looked like very strong sun glare but towards the end it became unnaturally blurred and I thought that my graphics card in my Mac Mini was going. I then came out onto Ocean Blvd and the screen cleared. Is this another realistic feature or is my computer playing up?

Cheers and sorry if these are both obvious.


There is some thing in Zwift that imitates a maximum effort effect. When you go all out for some time or so forth the screen goes blurry like your describe. You can turn off maximum effort effect in the settings. Lots of people don’t like it…I have it turned off. Though I’ve probably never been there!!

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Maximum effort! Yes! That will be it. I was at the verge of having a stroke and a cardiac event at the same time.

Will turn off next time I log on! Now, on to find out why the bridges and the cobbles vibrate… I am on a Kickr so no trainer feedback. Just the screen.

It was a custom workout. I wanted to see if my calculated FTP is indeed my FTP so I after a 15 minute warmup I rode at my FTP for 60 minutes. Annoyingly, Garmin did not think that my effort was enough to update my FTP to what I managed. I wonder how they calculate it.

The screen wobble has always been there. It imitates the uneven surface. Some trainers will even simulate the uneven surface. There’s no option to turn off the screen wobble though.

On a side note, there’s actually a bug with the wobbling. If you stop at an even road, the screen will continue to shake even though you’re stopped. :crazy_face:

Interesting! I had never noticed before. It must have somehow become more pronounced. Thanks for the information!