TV/Monitor Setting for 4k Tv

In the Ultra(1440p) setting I have a graphics card that can reach 60fps. My TV will also hold 4k resolution at 60hz 4:4:4.

So, if I have the monitor set to 1080p the game will re-size from ultra to 1080p then I believe my TV will upconvert it to 4k? But tha’ts a lot of back and forth processing.

Or do I set my monitor/tv to 1440P 60hz and let the TV upconvert from there? or do I set my TV monitor to 4k and everything will just work itself out? Or not?

These questions and anything else you guys want to add will be very helpful, thanks



Hi Zwift, I am looking at running 4k on a 55inch curved TV. The laptop I have is mind to drive it has:


i7 7700hq

15gb ram

Nvidia GTX 1050 4gb


Will this work? I also be using a HDMI of 5m or 10m length


Also, do I need to consider any features of the TV for it to work?

appreciate your help