Resolution Hight vs Ultra vs Extra

Hi everyone, my PC is the following:
Mobo: ASROCK AM3 890GX Extreme3
Ram: 2X4 Gb HyperX DDR3 1866 Mhz
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050 2gb
ssd: Crucial MX500 250 gb

I play with these resolutions on a samsung 24 "1080p 60 Hrz monitor:
Hight 1080p : 50 FPS
Ultra 1440p : 40 FPS
Extra 4k: 30 FPS

I can’t see big differences between Hight and Extra.
Should I put a 4k resolution even if my TV is 1080p max? I want the best possible detail because I have the TV 0.50 mm from the face.
I didn’t understand if from high (1080p) to ultra (1440p) to Extra (4k) there are differences in the graphic detail or only in the resolution?
Thank you very much for helping.

Nothing changes in terms of detail, your GTX 1050 gets Ultra profile automatically which is the highest level. That’s totally separate to the resolution you can choose in the game settings menu. All that setting does is increase clarity and adds a nice anti-aliasing effect if you go above your display’s native resolution, making things sharper at the expense of frame rate. 2160p is the highest selectable option but it requires a big step up in GPU power over the others.

Given that you’re not hitting 60fps on any setting (held back by your CPU), I would probably go with 1440p on your setup.

So you say it is better to have higher FTP rather than a better view?
With 30 FTP it doesn’t seem to me to go jerkily, it seems fluid to me …

30fps probably feels smoother than 40 or 50 because of vsync; it means your monitor just repeats each frame twice evenly. It’s up to you, I prefer higher frame rates.

PS: If you swapped out your motherboard and CPU for a Haswell i3 or i5 at 3.5GHz+ then I think you could probably hit 60fps at 1440p most of the time (group events don’t count, frame rate always drops like a rock in those).

Doing a 3.5 GHz overclock can be a good solution?

It will help a bit (not much, your CPU boosts to 3.3GHz anyway), but the main problem is your Phenom just doesn’t have very good single thread performance which is what counts in Zwift.