Turbo Trainer - QR Skewer clamping cassette?


Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes…

I have a Elite Direto X currently set up with a QR skewer - my bike takes a thru axle but the Direto was missing the correct adapter.

I’ve been riding for a week or so fine, but feels like when i clamp the QR skewer to secure the rear forks it’s as if it’s also clamping the cassette tightly. Therefore, there’s what sounds/feels like friction/rubbing when i peddle. I also can’t peddle backwards… the cassette won’t spin backwards and the chain bunches up.

The QR really isn’t tightened. Any looser the cassette spins fine and I can peddle backwards (not that I need to, but it’s a useful test!) but the forks are loose and the back end of the bike wobbles around.

Any advice please?!

I have a Direto X too.
The adapters for through axle are in the box.
My bike has QR. It works flawless with the Direto X with a 105 cassette.
Something is really wrong with your setup.
Maybe read the manual again?

If the adapters for your bike are really missing, contact Elite.

Yes, sounds like a weird setup, how do you even make sure the axle doesn’t move inside the too large holes in the dropouts meant for the through axle?

One possibility that occurred to me while trying to visualize the situation would be that the cassette is somehow simply too tall on the freehub. One way to get there would be to use the 9/10-speed spacer with a 11-speed cassette…

Thanks for the replies

The Direto came with two adapters for a quick release skewer. The two adapters slide into either side of the Direto X and have a hole small enough only for the skewer, which stops it from wobbling around. The right thru axle adapter to screw into the cassette side was present, but the left one missing, hence using the thru axle. I thought it was a case of either/or

I have an 11 speed cassette so haven’t used a spacer as per the instructions, but maybe I’ll try this.

No, definitely don’t try the spacer.

My left adapter wasn’t in the box, that’s the issue.

I assume that i should be able to use the thru axle if i used the thru axle adapters?!

I don’t mind which method i use, i just want it to work smoothly without risk of damaging my bike

Then contact Elite, they will ship you the missing adapter.

I will do, thanks.

I’ve just taken my bike off and you can see where the locking piece of the cassette has rubbed and worn off part of the derailleur!

Think I’ll leave it off til the correct part arrives. My bad for thinking I could use either thru axle or quick release!