Cassette is moving left to right

Hi - just got my Zwift Hub and have set it up, but have noticed that the cassette can move back and forth quite a bit - probably by 5-10mm. I’ve never used a turbo trainer before but surely this isn’t right?? Needless to say, it’s not shifting correctly and sounds quite crunchy.

Very much a novice with bikes, so is there anything I can do to sort it? I get the feeling something needs tightening!

It’s an 11 speed cassette, and from what I have read it doesn’t need a spacer.

Did you buy the trainer with a cassette installed? 5-10mm is too much to be explained by a missing spacer under the cassette, but depending on the cassette on your trainer you might get a couple millimeters of movement if the spacer were not present. However if that were the case I expect you would also find that some of the cogs would be loose and separate from each other if you try to pull them part with your fingers. If the cassette all seems like one tight unit, then the problem might be a loose freehub body, or some other issue in the trainer. Probably a good idea to contact support.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, trainer came with the 11 speed cassette already installed. There was a spacer in the box, but I don’t think it is required with an 11 speed? All the cogs are tightly together…I have contacted Support with a video showing the movement.

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Oh dear, I feel quite stupid. I hadn’t tightened the thru axle adapter enough, because I was so worried about over tightening it! All sorted now. :grinning:


Kudos for fessing up. Hopefully happy riding now.

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