Why doesn’t Zwift enable drafting for time trial bikes during Team Time Trials?

Because (for now) the TTT events are ‘fabricated’. Meaning the orgnaisers of the TTT events are using existing Zwift events and all TTT riders in those events simply follow the TTT concepts. (setting off at timed intervals, staying in a small group, etc)

Other Zwifters are free to join these events as well, since they are public events.

So it’s not possible (yet) to say: “riders that are doing this event as a TTT can draft on TT bikes.” Since Zwift doesn’t know if you joined the event as part of a TTT team, or as a Zwifter looking to ride that event.

Hope that makes sense!

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Thanks @Brett_Osler_Serpi
Yes makes sense :joy::+1:t2: