Trying to find a way to have my Polar M450 paired with BLE while using iOS Zwift

Currently I’m using Zwift on my iPhone 6s and would like to be able to also record my data onto my Polar M450 cycling computer.  The M450 uses only Bluetooth Smart sensors.  

iOS for Zwift only uses Bluetooth Smart so it can only be paired with either the phone or the M450


My pedals for power transmit both ANT+ and BLE.

If I bought a CABLE

can I have my M450 and power pedals paired via bluetooth and then have my power pedals paired to Zwift app via the CABLE using the ANT+ frequency?

If so, I will buy both ANT+ and BLE sensors for my bike so I can record data to my M450 and be able to use Zwift for iOS.


Keo power pedals that transmit both ANT+ and BLE power and cadence

Polar Speed sensor

Polar H7 HRM

Any help would be awesome.  



Right now Ant+ on iOS is only supported with the Wahoo Ant+ Key using the lightning to 30 pin connector.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll check it out.