Tricky setup for zwift


I have elite e-motion rollers but not the “smart” version. I am using candance speed sensor with Zwift.

The thing is that rollers have adjustable magnetic resistance. I want to use the more difficult resistance but can I adjust this on Zwift as well?

Any other tips how to make things the most accurate (and yes I know speed sensor + rollers is not best setup)


Hi @Karno22_Neki

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Unfortunately zwift does not have power curves for the other resistance levels.

One option would be to get a power meter (wheel or pedals are the easier options) that way you can use all resistance levels and have true power indoor and outside.

Without a power meter the only thing you can really do is to go off feel. Do you know what for example 200 W truly feels like ?
If Zwift is reporting 200 W and you feel it’s too easy then increase the resistance and vice versa.

i don’t think the problem is that the power number is in question (Zwift have some good power speed curves that they use).

As I understand it is the resistance is to low and the OP run out of gears to generate power.

Exactly. Run out of gears, I want to increase resistance but Zwift doesn’t know I increased it.

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That is what I thought.

Best option is power meter.

With the power meter, will the speed work accurately? For example if I increase the resistance I will go slower, will the Zwift adjust the speed in the app if it has power data from power meter?

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O yes.

What your curent setup does is it transmit the wheel speed to Zwift then Zwift convert that to a power number using a speed power curve then it use that Power number and some factors to calculate your wheel speed.

With only a Power meter you send zwift real power data and Zwift will calculate your zwift speed from that.

Read this for more details. :How Does Zwift Determine My Speed? - #8