Trek Madone and Jersey gone

 I signed up for the Trek Challenge and did a 32.4 mile ride on 2/27/2017. Today I get on Zwift and the Madone and Trek Jersey are nowhere to be found. Was this promotion ended? Why not let us keep access to the bike and jersey for a bit?

Weird, I have it listed in my Jerseys under User Customization. You might want to submit a ticket to Zwift support, you might get a response faster that way.

Not sure about the bike since I think I earned that doing another challenge.

Kevin, I just answered your support ticket, but the game didn’t see a record of you completing the mission on that day.

If you’re also experiencing this issue, see our mission completion guidelines to make sure you didn’t interrupt your mission attempt (common mistakes include joining a group ride, or trying to do it in multiple sessions).

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