Trek Jerseys

(Mark Dux EFPR-Trek) #1

How do I get one of the Trek Segafredo jerseys I see other riders using recently?

(Paul Allen) #2

You have to start the Trek Mission: 

  • Pro Jersey Mission added. Enter to win a signed Trek team jersey

(Gerrie Delport) #3

While we are on the topic.

I entered the Trek Mission and got my trek bike and Jersey, and like a typical roadie I went to change the color of my Bike and then I no longer had the Trek Jersey on. Is there a way to get it back if you have not completed the 50Km.




(Neil Bell) #4

Just had the email about this mission today… I must admit I’m not particularly bothered about the jersey, what I really want to know is: can you keep the Trek Madone after completing the mission? It’s supposed to be one of the fastest bikes and normally only available after level 20…