Lost Trek gear

(Tim RO4H ZF) #1

It seems that I have lost my ability to customize my rider with the Trek gear and use theTrek bike like I was able to last week. Was this a limited time special feature or am I diong something wrong?



(Tim RO4H ZF) #2

Are the bikes coupled to certain jerseys? Such as, is the ATOC jersey available only to be worn on a Trek? I did change the jersey that I was using last week but why would this make me lose the Trek Madone option?

Just wondering…


(Jon Mayfield) #3

That was a promotion being run while the Trek team was out racing in France.  It has ended.  Trek kit, Madone bike, and Bontrager wheels are gone.

(Tim RO4H ZF) #4

OK, thanks for the response. Hope the option to retain the bike returns since it was cool to vitually ride such a bike…

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #5

That’s a real shame as a Trek/Bontrager rider I specifically used this kit and bike in Zwift.