New kits for riders

(Tim Leonard (TDOG)) #1

Will we ever see new kits for our riders that are pro team kits i.e. orica greenedge,sky, etc. along with their bikes in future updates

(Jon Mayfield) #2

In general our policy is that pro kits are for pro riders.   The Trek team jersey was a special thing for users to show support during the big race.  


(Tim Leonard (TDOG)) #3

I thinking in terms of the people using zwift who want to support their favourite pro teams as it can serve as motivation wearing your favourite teams kit 

(Stewart Churchyard) #4

I too would like to be able to chose a cider choice of kit. When wearing a kit I like it did seem to improve my effort and I got some good times. I know it’s a small thing but looking at my avatar is similar to looking at me, when I look good I feel good, and the same goes for my mini me avatar.

Ride on!