Trek Domane vs. Tacx Flux 2

I’ve recently upgraded from my Wheel On trainer to the new Tacx Flux2.

With this version the adaptors to convert it for thru axle use already come with the trainer. To fit it to my 2019 Trek Domane SL with what I think is a 142mm M12 axle I’ve used the adaptor that says 142mm. So far so good but when I mount the bike on the trainer there is a significant gap (> 5mm) between the trainer mounting points and the frame. I have to screw some rounds which bends the frame towards the mounting points.

So I am questioning myself if this is considered to be normal…

Thanks for your help

Tacx has a spacer available to help cover the gap. I sent them an email with the bike model and description of the problem and I got an email back asking for my address and they mailed me the spacer free of charge for my neo.

Oh, that’s nice. I don’t fully get it why there is still a gap although it says 142mm but okay.
With my package a adaptor for 148mm was also included and maybe that does also the trick?

Contacted them. They send me a washer. Which should come with the package but was not included in mine. Thanks for the hint.