Treadmill to Choose for running

Hi Zwift’ers,

First of all hi to everyone who’s reading this and apologies if this has been discussed previously.

I’m a Zwift user for cycling but have decided to give a shot for indoor running too - my questions are:

  • Can any decent treadmill been used for indoor running with Zwift - I’ve Garmin 735XT wristwatch and iPad Pro(iOS) as a Zwift platform?

  • Do I need to purchase any additional gear/tech from Zwift in order to transmit data between treadmill and iPad(Zwift) ?

  • Trying to come up with some costs(treadmill, any additional gear etc.) is it going to be worth?

Main reason for this setup being considered is because I would like to have more brick sessions during winter period and sometimes getting off the bike all soaked and wet while outside is 5C (celsius) can lead more to getting sick than making some gains.

Will appreciate any suggestions, cons/pros etc.

Happy Zwift’ing guys/gels :wink:

hi, look, I have a technogym my run treadmill, and it doesn’t require any other device, you just need a heart rate monitor.


Hi Domenico,
Thank you very much for the info.
Happy Zwift’ing :wink:

If you want automatic incline adjustment, you’ll need to use something like the QZ app ( Zwift doesn’t handle incline changes.

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From my point of view it depends on how much money you want to spend on a treadmill.

In answer to your question yes any treadmill (quality or not) can be used with Zwift it just depends how you wish to transmit the speed data to Zwift.

I have a very old treadmill, seems good enough to me, but I need to transmit the data via a secondary method to Zwift.

I use a Runn and it has worked seamlessly for me, others use other ‘gadgets’.

Often best you give us an idea of what treadmill/price point you are considering and someone with knowledge/experience will give you a view.

@10K.Every.Day.In.23 generally knowledgable on running and treadmills.

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Thank you very much for all the info above, think I got a good enough idea.

It won’t be a commercial grade treadmill anyways but probably something more moderate than just simple and cheap.

I will keep this post updated too once Ill get something in and how Im getting around it and all.

Much appreciated all your info gents!

Why not ask here before you buy ? There is a lot of experience and people always happy to help.

Ok sure, I’ll see what options I have available and list something that I have in my mind just to have your opinions etc.

Many thanks,

I experienced difficulties with the cadence, so I reached out to TechnoGym Italy:

Information from Technogym Italy: Cadence is displayed correctly up to 9 Km/h.

Best regards,
Technical Call Center Dept

Now I’m using Stryd as an additional tool.

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Great, thank you for your input on this one :+1:

Ok guys, have come accross this one and wondering your thoughts about it

Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill


I don’t know the model but like yourself can google reviews, which are favourable for a treadmill at this price point ( £750 ?)

Questions I have are:
2HP motor is not that powerful.
What is your outdoor running speed as treadmill will only do 16 Kph
How long is your stride length as a slight negative on that aspect.

What will you use to transmit running/treadmill speed to Zwift as I don’t think the treadmill will do that for you.

@10K.Every.Day.In.23 may be able to add further points or suggest better alternative.

Where are you based Janeks?