Treadmill compatiblity


I’m looking for a new treadmill and there are for the moment 3 types on my list.

On the sites of the manufacturers they all mention they are compatible with zwift, but when I look on the page of compatible running hardware I can’t find any of the three…

Those are the treadmills (can’t put links here) :

Tunturi endurance T90
Flowfitness Perform T3i
Kettler alpha run 800

Is the list on Zwift outdated? Or will the treadmills lack some functionality ?


The list by Zwift is well out of date yes. If the manufacturers are claiming it’s compatible then it’s likely it is.

There’s little functionality other than speed and cadence being reported to Zwift.

Might get HR if you’re treadmill has sensors but in my experience HR sensors on treadmills are as useful as chocolate fireguards or ashtrays on motorbikes.

Where are you based?

Thanks for your answer. I live in Belgium. The main reason for use of the treadmill is for my patients (I’m a physiotherapist), so I want a treadmill that I can use professionally (waranty …) . I don’t think I’ll use it a lot with Zwift, but to have it as a possibility is a plus.
I have a bluetooth HR sensors, so that’s not a problem.

I’ve had a look at the specifications of them all.

If i were making the decision i would buy the Tunturi.

It has a 5hp continuous motor which is the most important factor in a treadmill. This will mean it maintains the belt speed when in use better than less powerful motors.

It looks like they offer a good warranty and it appears to be Zwift compatible.

The tunturi was on top of my list, just the warranty is different when using it in a professional setting. It has indeed the best motor. Just it has the “lowest” max weight of the three, but I don’t see much people who weigh more than 150 kg …

I did look at the max user weight and decided it really wouldn’t be much of an issue. 150kg is some weight.

The weight issue is mainly around the strength of the running deck. I weigh 85kg and have broken many of them. I run heavy though so if you’ve someone heavy but walking the impact is less.

Many warranties are for home use only. I can’t imagine the use you will use it will be an issue.

There are even Treadmills that don’t even claim compatibility, however they’re functioning very well with Zwift. My wife bought a Taurus Treadmill and it just claims working with Kinomap, but it connects to Zwift as well.

You can make virtually any BT enabled treadmill work with Zwift these days. Just depends how tech savvy you are.
QZ Domyos is a great app that can read treadmill data and send it to Zwift. I’ve been using it for about 2 years now with my non smart treadmill.

There’s no hard guarantee on connectivity though.

Thanks for the answers.
I’ll think I’ll order the tunturi. It will mainly be used for walking, and from time to time I have a patient running on it.
I don’t really like running indoors on a treadmill, but maybe I’ll use it myself from time to time with Zwift …

Hi there.

I have a Sole F85 ENT+ (2021) model.

The HR handles are terrible and I prefer to use my Apple Watch 4, but the Sole treadmill cannot connect to the watch.

When I sync data from the treadmill to Apple Health or Strava, it does not send the incline data.

I’m trying to find a solution that will allow me to use my Apple Watch for HR, and record the speed and incline from the treadmill.

I downloaded Swift on my iPhone and connected it to the Sole F85 for speed and Apple Watch for HR - I have 2 out of my 3 requirements!

Can Roberto’s app help me to record incline data from my treadmill and sync to Strava or Apple Health or I would switch to Zwift if I can get 3/3.

Also the video I watched it seemed very complex to start a Meet-up etc, Is that process any easier now?

I can mirror my iPhone to the treadmill 10.1” screen and Zwift display is just about readable.

I also have a 50” widescreen TV directly in front of the treadmill and I have a couple of spare Raspberry Pi’s lying around if they could improve the experience?

Potentially, I could host a Windows PC on my network too.

Thanks so much. Can’t wait for your advice.