Transparency everywhere!

Hi, currently, the rider list and most of the leaderboards exhibit some transparency. That is, you can see the terrain in the background through the overlay.

Particularly with the addition of the new map, I’m asking for this transparency to extend to all HUD items.

The map, the central header, the power/RPM/HR panel etc. They should all be transparent.

Furthermore, the level of transparency should be user-adjustable. From almost invisible (or indeed invisible) to 100% opaque.


Will add this to our request list, Daren!

Thanks Eric. I understand QoL changes will largely be lower priority, but I expect this is relatively simple to squeeze into your next “Quick Win Friday”. :wink:

Especially with the awesome artwork on the new roads, it would be great to have a hotkey (maybe V to view) to turn off and on all the data clutter from the screen! :heavy_check_mark: