Transparency Effect Option On Menus (HUD) For Plasma Tvs

(Mark Twist (TOG)) #1

It would be great, and probably easy to implement if you could add a transparency effect option to the on screen menus.  For those of us hooked up to a plasma tv the static opaque menus leave some image retention on the tv.  I’d like to ride a century, but don’t want to be left with permanent menus burned into my beloved plasma tv.


(L Read) #2

Time to move on to OLED.

(Nathan Robitaille (TOG)) #3

Yes please! A show/hide or transparency control in the mobile app for on screen data would be amazing, both for preservation of plasma TVs and to ogle the scenery. Who ever came up with the under water tunnel idea is a genius.

(. Ron Frank.) #4

I’m having the same problem… please zwift give the option to hide the rider list etc.