Trainingsplan for Beginner

Hello everybody,

i start today with zwift.

I search a good Trainingsplan over a couple of Weeks/Months
to get better on the Bike.

I found the Plan Built me Up in Zwift. Is this plan a good idea or is there another better plan for starting with zwift.

I would like it to have a plan where i exaxtly know what i have to do every day (like the built me up plan).

Thank you for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Alexander,

Surely there are users who can inform you better, but maybe you can try 6wk Beginner FTP Builder:

Ride On!

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Depending on your experience level, the Build Me Up plan is great but is more suited to intermediate to advanced cyclists. If you are brand new to Zwift, spend some time riding around and figuring things out first before jumping into a training plan. Training plans are based off of your FTP, so you should do a FTP test first so that the intensity of the workouts are correct.

There are other plans that are more for beginner cyclists, but if you already have a nice base fitness and can ride for an hour or more at higher intensity levels, then give the Build Me Up plan a try.