Training programs part of the Mobile Link app

(G. YAZ [FRA]) #1

Hi everybody, 


I was wondering if putting the different training programs/ the one you are following in the Mobile app would be possible :smiley:

It could be useful to know before you log in on the computer how long and how hard you have to ride! 

Anybody else interested? 


(sorry for mEnglish,  Frenchie here :P) 

(. TomH..) #2

Hi G.

This is something we are working on but in meantime HERE is an unofficial guide made by titanium geek guys where you can see all workouts one by one. :slight_smile: RideOn!

(G. YAZ [FRA]) #3


And thanks for the link! 

(P.O. Proulx -#TeamMoVelo) #4

Or to build your workout before the ride. Also, it would be nice if we could plan workout and put them in a calendar, that way, you just log in click workout and voila :stuck_out_tongue: