Training Plan (Build Me Up) not capturing workouts after completion?

Just finished my TT tune up workout and guess what , still not working . Getting a bit tired of it now tbh

I will be the first to admit that I haven’t always followed this advice. But here goes:

Venting about a problem doesn’t help you. It doesn’t make you feel better, or release tension. It just makes you feel worse.

Yeah: It’s disappointing that Zwift’s App has developed this bug. And I’m not trying to excuse or blow off a failure.

But I do think we all (me included!!) need to keep things in perspective.

Zwift still works. I can still ride all the routes in Watopia, in London and New York. I can climb Alpe du Zwift or the Volcano. I can meet up with friends. Ride in races or Fondos. I can still actually do the workouts in the various training plans. And when the rides are over I can export the results to Strava or Garmin or wherever.

It’s just that whatever array or database or whatever that Zwift own internal structured training system has gotten messed up somehow.

Out of the total Zwift experience, what percentage is that? Five? Three?

As I said: This is an annoyance. It needs to be fixed. But let’s not any of us blow it out of proportion.

Why do I say this: Because I know how hard that can be to do sometimes. Some of the workouts, especially on the Build Me Up plan, are very challenging. You’ve been sweating, and hurting, and pushing yourself for sixty or ninety minutes or more. You are breathing hard. You are drenched with sweat. You’ve pushed yourself through the pain. And you’ve gotten the job done.

Your adrenaline or testosterone or whatever is pumping through your veins. And then the App suggests that you didn’t really do what you know you just did. It’s insulting. It’s infuriating.

But it’s also pretty meaningless. The App isn’t a person. It’s just a piece of software. And - truth be told - no one ever is going to care whether Zwift’s App recognises your completion of a structured training plan workout. No one.

If, for some reason, I was hiring somebody to be a professional Zwift bike racer - I wouldn’t care about what badges they had. Your wife, or girlfriend, or boyfriend, or room-mate, or boss doesn’t care. It simply just doesn’t matter.

So I’m telling myself, and I’m telling all the other Zwifters out there. The same very competitive, and proud, and strong, and hardworking people - just push yourself a little bit harder on this issue.

Let it go. Laugh about it. If Zwift hasn’t gotten it fixed in a month or two, revisit the issue.

But don’t let it make you mad. If you do, then you are letting the Bug win. And I think we’re all too strong to let a silly, meaningless bug in a computer program beat us.



Yep. Every word!

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Only 2 workouts left in the plan, but after the most recent update, my workout was finally captured in the plan correctly!

Using on iphone btw.

The most recent update from March 16th should have fixed this for you. However, your past workouts will remain unchanged, only newly completed workouts will show up as completed as normal.

It seems to have worked. I did have to manually update the Zwift app on my AppleTV.

As you said, the past workouts seem to have been lost. That probably means I won’t qualify for the BMU badge, but that’s OK. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed nothing like this pops up again.

Back to regularly-scheduled suffering!


I have the same issue, and planned trainings are disappearing in the plan.
I’m currently doing the multisport mixer, which is having 9 trainigs sessions per week. And is now only showing 7 trainings.

So after completing the done training isn’t checked. And after a couple of times of refresshing, planned training sessions are disappearing from 9 to 7 per week


Did the workout today, still not resolved.
And planned trainings are disappearing

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what game or app version are you using?

Same to me!!!

Latest version on iPhone and Apple TV
Use phone for running
And Apple TV for cycling
Also updated companion app

I did the update and yesterday’s ride had build me up in the title and assigned to the plan as expected. Did my last ride of the plan this morning and again it went against the plan and showed my plan as complete, but Build Me Up was missing from the title of this mornings ride.

So I’m not sure the issue is 100% resolved.

Same issue here for the last 2 weeks on Build Me Up. I am now at week 9. Ipad pro 4 and wahoo kickr. Upgrade of zwitf game app last few days did not change anything.

But my data does show on my activities on Zwift companion (and my garmin connect) just not on my training plan!!! The glitch seems to be on the zwift servers.

Please look into this.

I have the same issue. I complete a Build Me Up workout but the activity is never shown as completed on my Training Plan. My ride data is shown in my Companion App Activities feed (but without Build Me Up in the ride title), and uploads to Strava OK. I keep going into Zwift and marking as completed outside. I am due to start week 4 and this issue is very frustrating!

Am using Zwift app on Apple TV 4K, and cCmpanion on IPhone 12. All latest IOS and Zwift updates are installed. Kickr Core smart trainer.

Same issue here but in the Fondo training plan. Apple TV 4k. My workout schedule seems to be broken too. It told me to wait until Monday before I could start. Now it’s Monday morning and it’s telling me to do all 3 by Monday (i.e. today)! The remaining weeks all just say ‘available Monday’!

Same issue with training plan BMU! I’m using apple TV and sync with strava is working fine but training is not set as complete after finishing the workout (within Zwift Companion), they just disappear and after the week it shows up again but has expired. Today a new (extra) bug seem to be, a training i’ve already done this week, pops up again and tells me that i still need to do this… Hopefully Zwift will fix this problem soon :smiley:

Even I face the same issue today. I will have to click on " I did it manually." It was so disappointing that it is doesn’t appear on the workout plan.

I hope it should not happen for my further workout or training program.

Keeping my fingers cross.

Hi @Abhishek_Bhavsar, I’ve completed numerous workouts since the latest update and they are all registered complete as normal (windows 10 and companion app). What system are you using for Zwift?

I experienced this problem today. I am in the first week of build me up, the 3rd the 4th workouts were done on 22nd and 23rd May, but they aren’t reflecting as done. I manually clicked on the ‘I did it’ toggle, but yes, the stats and the stars are missing, and it shows that the workouts were done ‘outside’. The workouts are showing in my activities in the companion app though.