Trainer Resistance/Difficulty Not Changing During Races


The resistance of my trainer (Wahoo KICKr) is not changing during races when the gradient changes even though I have trainer difficulty set to maximum (100%) in Zwift. The resistance changes correctly when I am just riding around, but in races it does not work. I have had this problem in the last four races I participated in. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I would appreciate any help.

Thank you!

I’d like to see any answers to this.

I have a similar problem, but mine’s not exclusively on a race or a non race.

My Saris M2 smart trainer will usually start off changing resistance smoothly along with gradient changes, but after 5 minutes or so it’ll stop changing gradient, and the only remedy is to unplug and plug back in my trainer.

You can imagine the frustration when having to do this every lap in a race…

An example of my problem:

  • 5 minutes of trainer changing resistance fine
  • Go up hill with 5% gradient or more
  • Trainer resistance increases to match 5% gradient
  • zwift map goes back down to 0%
  • Trainer resistance gets stuck on 5% gradient resistance
  • Only option is to unplug and replug trainer

Another example from a race i did

  • 5 minutes of trainer changing resistance fine
  • Course has a section of 0% for like 30%
  • Approach any gradient, whether it’s -5% or +8%, resistance doesn’t change AT ALL
  • Unplug, and replug trainer

It’s frustrating. why even have a smart trainer if you can’t rely on it?