Trainer Difficulty set to 100%, I didn't do it [October 2021]

I finally got it to work, on my Android Tablet instructions follow…

  1. Install it on my PC (Windows 10) (and i can adjust difficulty) started it up, and cykle about 3 km.
  2. Close it.
  3. Install it on my cellphone and do the same thing as point 1.
  4. Close it.
  5. Be sure its not running on cellphone and computer.
  6. Clear cache on tablet.
  7. Remove app Zwift from tablet.
  8. Clear cache on tablet 1 more time.
  9. Install Zwift.
  10. Login
  11. Start ride and go to settings.
  12. Adjust your Trainer difficulty.
  13. Now it should stay where you set it.

I hope i help you like it helped me…enjoy :wink: :grinning:

Same issue here, as soon as I start peddling it goes back to 100%. Zwift version 1.24.2 (100840) Device Samsung galaxy tab a8 10.5 sm-x200 android 11. Trainer Wahoo kickr core. Its fine on my old tablet Huawei mediapad T5 running android 8. Hope this gets fixed before android 8 support gets dropped in August.

Just installed latest update 1.25.0 (100966) and issue seems to be fixed.